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Dorothy Smith and Ellsworth Clark

An archive of collected records from Dorothy Smith and Ellsworth Clark. Records span from 1908 to present.

Eugene and Edith Kroff

Family records of the Eugene and Edith May Clegg Kroff family. Includes a collection of 33 hunting and fishing notebooks from Verl Kroff.

1503 Records

Kindex Lost & Found

A collection of unidentified "orphan" letters, postcards, photos, and albums donated from various families, antique stores, and Kindex users.

1269 Records

Ezra T. Clark

Records and Media about Ezra Thompson Clark (1823-1901), his wives, Mary Stevenson, Susan Leggatt, and Nancy Areta Porter, and their children.

White Family

Cathy Gilmore

Collected family records of the Cathy Chamberlain Gilmore family

Hyrum & June Smith

Documents, pictures, and other media scanned or digitized, then indexed and made searchable. About Hyrum Smith, his wife, June Augusta Smith,

John W. Hess

271 Records

Ron and Marlene Carroll Family

Gilmore Family

Family records from the Edward John Gilmore family and his ancestors

William Henry Kelsey

Jim and Sarah Kichas Family

An archive for the families (and family lines) of Jim Kichas and Sarah Ause Kichas.

Joan Kessler & DeWitt Spain Families

Nick Peers' family archive

Utah State Archives

24 Records

Writings Of ELizabeth LC Dixon

Digital writings of Elizabeth L. Cogswell Dixon, transcription and digitization by her great-great granddaughter, Caroline Welling Van Deusen

Dan Ursenbach archive

Anderson Family

James and Hannah Henderson

Babs Family

Mary Kaye Deschamps and Dennis Doyle

A collection of scrapbooks documenting the life of Mary Kaye DesChamps Doyle and her family dating from 1941 to 2017.

Stanley D and Norma L Jones Family

Records from the Stanley Dean and Norma Laxman Jones family, including ancestral records (letters, photos, albums) from Hinckley, Johnson, Jones, and Laxman family lines.

Church History indexing

A searchable collection of historical records relating to the men, women, and children connected with the Mormon Battalion.

Alonzo & Mary Alice Sampson

Collected Family records of the Alonzo and Mary Alice Sampson Family. Children: Darvel, David, Arden, Zelda, Blaine, Floyd, Hazel, Clinton, Rose Ann, Cecil, Merna.

2375 Records

Johan Totter descendants

1258 Records

Chidester archive

Chidester family records, including photos, slides, and memories collected by Diane Barberio.

Michael Honeycutt Family

Documents and photos from the Michael Honeycutt family.



Michael McCormick Family Archive

Journals of Henry H. Rowland, 1919, 1920, 1030

Leah Leona MacArthur and John Morris Burnett

Dorothy and Leon Chamberlain

Photos and family records from the Leon Archie and Dorothy Jean Clark Chamberlain family.

Lee Trevor Henderson Family

Franklin B. and Joyce C. Wadsworth

Wadsworth Family letters and documents, including F.B. Wadsworth, F. Don Wadsworth, Sylvia Wadsworth

Charles & Sally Clark

Managed by Kimball Clark of Kaysville, Utah, this archive is for the records of various Clark descendants from Timothy Baldwin Clark and Mary Keeler.

393 Records

Clark and Urman Family

Ottley/Sanders Family History


Morris Shurtz Papers, Peter Shirts Documents, Don Carlos Shurtz Documents.

294 Records

Whittlesey Family

The collected family records of the descendants of Willis Whittlesey, including Savage, Brown, Averill, and Whittlesey family lines.

Laura Lewis Family

Laura Lewis family records, including Denis & Nettis Lewis Family Reunion, and collected papers of Earl Sylvester Lewis.

James & Kirsten Clans

York Family

178 Records


Collected ancestral family records from the Beisecker/Edson, Klein /Robinson, and Biesecker/Klein families

174 Records

Otterstrom Family

GStroud Collection

Collected family records from the Bryant, Frazer, Mahler, Pearce, and Stroud families.

Ellsworth and Dorothy Archive

Haski Eizenberg Family

Stoughton Historical Society - Genealogical

Kroff Family Archive

Laura Chamberlain

JC Slade & Fred Heaton Families

O'Neil and Sheehan

Clark 2 Sample

Henderson Family

Joe and Marguerite McNamara Family

Joseph D. McNamara and Marguerite Olsen McNamara and their posterity


Extended Hewett-Dufresne family: Descendants of Edward "Ned" Hewett and Bridget Elizabeth Walsh. Descendants of Donat Dufresne and Virginie Martin

Cathy's Collections

Ahlstrom-Lewis family

Jan and Richard Mayer family

John R and Carolyn H Cragun family

Fred and Evelyn English Family

Hennig-McGee Family

James L. Tanner Family

Documents and records from the James Tanner ancestral files.



Records Preserved by Barbara Hammond

Lucielle Koch Diary 1933 - 1937

Kirby Family

Noel & Dustin Maxfield Family

KB Family

John and Renee Stansel Family

Jean-Pierre et Béatrice Gaggini

Pioche Campbell Memories


37 Records

McDonald - Jameson Ancestors

Images of people and text materials related to the ancestors of Dorothy Ileane McDonald [Shields]

Hollingsworth and Pittman Family

These are the documents and photographs from the combined collection of Sarah L. Hollingsworth and Connie H. Bronson of the individuals that have contributed to our existence.


Vicki Rae Clark Family

Bob Kroff

Parkers Family

This is the Parker family

Paul Chamberlain Family

Richard Sauter Family

Howard N Camp Family

Howard Donald Henderson family

P. Leonard Family


Evan and Sheena Cram


Paul Budge & Flora Grace Rhees Cragun

Rubenstein Family


Rob and Pearl Myers

Art Michaelson Family

Alva Matheson

Grandma Gayla's Journals

Debra James Family History

Information relating to the following families: Norman & Debra Stewart, Allan & Joy Stewart, Louis & Lesley Nell, Louis & Cilla Nell, John & Mabs Cook, Allan & Debra James

SuzAnn and Jeff Summers family


Ancestors of Calvin Knight and Maureen Barlow

War Letters

Kiefer Family

West Kentucky Genealogy

12 Records

12 Records


12 Records

Tressa Santisteban

Lyford Family

Lyford Family Archive


Charlotte Gilmore's Archive

Royal and Anita Family

Blackmore, Bennett, Scofield, and Armitage

Brenda Carbon

Tennant Family

Ken and Karen Smith Family

Chad and Amie Bowser Tennant Family


Henson Family

Stokes Genealogy Research

Dean and Jean Davis Family

Loveland Sizemore

Rob Adamson Art

Craig Kanalley Family

forbes & rich family

Kathryn Labbe

Bill and Judy Mills

Alben and Ruth Murray Boles

Ducktower Family

Family archive - to test

Rick Voight

Finlay Family

Gerald and Rhea Wray Family

David & Amy Taylor


Russ and Bette Jo Lee Family

Stuart Clark Family

Joseph Buck and Martha Bennington


Marie Case Wright's

Legutko Family



Alba Family

Nevin Extended Family History


Juan and Betty Ventura


Henry C. Dean

Wadsworth Family

Preserving Your Heritage


Miles Meyer

Kent and Edra Pilling


Lindsay Miller Family

Cory Frank's

Widmer Miller Family

Famille Alvarez



William H Hanna Family

Atchison and Evans Family

Streight-Barber-Custer Families

Wm B Moore Family


Nicole Dyer

Matt and Rebecca Berrett Family


Fincher Family

Tonna Bounds

Tim and Joyce Cory Family

Robert and Lucille (Johnson) Mace


Geeky Genealogist

Jon Petersen Family

Lorna and Hart Reed

Madison Family

Thomas Family

Jordan Yates and Related Families

Documents and images pertaining to the Yates, Jordan, and related families of Wake County, North Carolina, including the town of Cary, North Carolina.


Anderson and related

Chasing Tales




Raymer Family Documents



Cotton and Seguin Family

Redmon and Affleck Family

Porterville Chapel


Richard Young Family

Family History

Cooker Cuckow and others

Kristen young

Jonathan B Stowell Personal Collection

Gorszwicki-Daniels Family

Daryl S Johanson

Scott Jensen

Kramer - Keys Family Tree

Kearley and related familes

George Adam Nease

Taneya Koonce

Murray Family

Ron Ferrucci Test

Jennifer Precious Finch

Mayes and Jones Families

GM Tanner


Nancy Laney Family

Frank and Mary Legacy Archive

Fincher Fitzpatrick

Sig Natural

Greene and Pekrol

My Family History

Aitcheson and Wilson

Barrett-Radford Genealogy

Ruiz and Laborde family

John Clark Family

My Archive Description