Our Inspiration

In almost every home there is a closet with a box of letters, journals, photos, and papers that are at risk of being lost, damaged, or forgotten. And within almost every organization there are archives containing history that can't be searched. For Kindex founders and cousins Kimball and Cathy, it was their grandparents' records that inspired them to build an indexing app that solves the problem of at-risk or inaccessible records. As a result, Kindex rescues history through a collaborative indexing app anyone can use, no matter their age or experience. No longer exclusive to large archives or family history groups, Kindex brings digital archive and indexing tools within reach to any person, family or group who owns records.

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Out of Obscurity: The box of letters that started it all.

Taking a Page From our Grandma’s Book: How she continues to inspire us.

Dorothy Smith Clark at the World Conference of Records in 1980