Kindex web software provides searchable archives for everyone through collaborative record sharing and indexing. When you sign up on Kindex, you can:


Kindex Archive + Unlimited Add unlimited records to your archive $10/month — RootsTech Special
Kindex Archive + Unlimited Collaborative (pre-sale only) Invite anyone to gather, index, and share records in your archive $15/month — RootsTech Special
$150/year — RootsTech Special (pre-sale)

  1. Currently, all Kindex archives are private. When your subdomain is ready to go live, users can choose betweena public or private archive. Users will be notified when their subdomains are ready.
  2. *Kindex Archive + Unlimited Collaborative is available for pre-sale only. Collaborative features, such as invite tools and multiple-user access to archives, will be available soon. Users will work in regular Kindex Archive accounts until collaborative features are live, at which time the user will be upgraded. Users must pre-purchase collaborative archives to receive special pricing.

Compare Archive Features

Kindex Archive &
Kindex Archive
+ Unlimited
Kindex Archive
+ Unlimited
+ Collaborative
Kindex Project
Release February 2017 March 2017 Spring 2017
Record Gathering
Invite others to join and participate in your archive* x x
Share records on social media x x
Add Memories from FamilySearch x x
Add records from your computer x x x
Link video files via YouTube or Vimeo* x x x
Organize records into collections* x x
Batch record uploads* x x x
Record Macro-data x x x
Side-by-Side Record Transcription x x x
Record Tagging x x x
Text Editor Tools x x x
Built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR)* x x x
Custom Transcription fields x
Custom Tag fields x
Collaborative indexing x x
List Archive in x x
Public Indexing Projects*
Search & Share
Search Archive x x x
Download original record x x optional
Share original record x x optional
Print original record x x x
Print transcription to PDF (QR-coded) x x x
Print Archive to PDF* x x
View record contributors and indexers x x x
Download archive to CSV file* x x
Custom home page* optional optional
Share records to FamilySearch* x x
Individual file size limit 15MB 15MB custom
Supported file types Jpg, png, pdf, bmp, mp4 Jpg, png, pdf, bmp, mp4 custom
White label branding* x

*This feature is currently in development